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Glassblowing Torch

Bethlehem Glass Blowing Torch Not GTT Carlisle Nortel


Lightly Used Nortel Minor Torch for Lampworking


Litton Lathe / Hand Torch / Glass Blowing Torch / Lampwork / Lampworking


GTT Scorpion Glassblowing Torch NO MARVER


GTT BOBCAT Lampworking Glass Blowing Lampwork Soft Glass / Borosilicate Torch


Glassblowing Torch: Carlisle CC Bench Burner #5 Center


NORTEL RED MAX TORCH w/ MEGA MINOR TOP FIRE Glassblowing Lampworking Burner


Glass Blowing Torch GTT Cheetah Glass Torch Technology Cheetah Torch Lampwork


glassblowing torch redmax major minor


Bethlehem Barracuda Glasswork Torch - Excellent Condition


Glassblowing, Jewelry Work Bethlehem Sharp Flame for Hand Torch removable Tip*


Glassblowing lampworking torch burner Nedform H-2


Glassblowing Torch, Burner Lampworking Flame Sculptiing CC type Stainless Model


Nortel Rocket Torch for Lampworking Glassblowing Beadmaking


Minor Bench Burner | Torch Accessory Glass Flameworking Nortel Machinery


Glass Blowing Torch LampWorking Blast Burner Borosilicate Heavy Base USA Ship




Nortel Minor Bench Burner Glass Torch -lampwork- torch work- glass blowing


Glass Blowing Torch Vintage Central Scientific Co.


New Glass Blowing Torch LampWorking Blast Burner Borosilicate Heavy Duty Base


Tool - Torch - Knight Dragon Fire #5 Center - Glassblowing Lampworking Burner


Glass Blowing Torch


Bethlehem Bravo Glass torch with blast shield marver and Mini smith torch


Vintage Bethlehem Bench Burner Glass Blower Torch


Glass Blowing Torch Knight Bullet Burner 7/14, Stainless Steel Bench Torch 


20mm Herbert Arnold "Arnie" Torch for Lampworking


gtt torch Delta Elite


HOT HEAD Glass Beadmaking Torch Lampworking STARTER KIT Make Beads at Home Tools


Nortel Muiltimix Jr. Hand Torch Lampwork Glassblowing Beadmaking Boro Soft Glass


New Nortel Minor Torch for Lampworking


Prometheus T1 Torch Glass Lampworking - original ! new !


National 8M Torch Glass Blowing Lampworking Glass Beadmaking Premier Industries